939 - KEY BENDING by Guy Bavli

Use any volunteer`s key, and bend it in their own hand!With Guy`s Perfect Key Bending, you can do more than the standard key-bending magic. This entirely new method lets you bend any key, anywhere, either in your hand or the hand of a spectator.Includes everything you need to know to perform this special effect, including tips, tricks, routines and other performance suggestions. Guy`s Perfect Key Bending is unique because there are:No Key Changes (spectator can mark the key) No Pulls or Sleeves No Chemicals No Special Gimmick Key No Sleights. Wir liefern Ihnen das Gimmick, zwei Kaba Schlüssel (zum üben) und eine Englische Beschreibung.

15.00 CHF

inkl. 7,7% MWSt. ohne Versand

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